Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An All New Me

This blog, in part, is me restructuring my being.

Somehow, with everything that’s been going on lately, my days have simply become too cluttered for me to enjoy. Definitely time to make changes.

Welcome to my new blog (Pushing Pixels) and my new name (JustAnotherPixelPusher). I promise to make much more of an effort to stay current with my updates.

A quick update of the events in my life, Steven leaves for Korea Saturday night. There are no words to describe how very much I am going to miss his every day presence. On the other hand, my precious last born is extremely elated with this opportunity to immerse himself in another culture and lifestyle. Believe me, I am doing all I can to remind myself what an amazing experience he’ll be enjoying but the selfish side of me keeps rearing its ugly head. My baby leaves Saturday. I’m going to miss him so much.

Pooder, my beloved furry cohort, has been dealing with a few medical troubles which had my heart tied in knots but it looks like she’s going to crawl through with flying colors. Although she’ll need surgery in a couple weeks, appears she’s going to be a-okay.

A few weeks back I stumbled on and I am completely obsessed with researching the history of my relations. It’s been illuminating, all families have a couple little dark secrets no one speaks about and mine is no exception. I admit it’s been fun uncovering a few.

Due to a temperamental internet connection, I’ve resigned from three of my CT commitments.

Sometimes life is just a pain.

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