Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Waiting To Exhale

This is our cat Tigger. We've had him since birth, we even bottle fed him as his mother took off right after. He's 16 plus years old and I can't remember a time he wasn't around. He's not doing so well at the moment, very weak and not too responsive. I'm afraid he won't make it through the night. If he does, we'll visit the vet tomorrow and I'm afraid of what she'll say as well. I've been dreading this day for quite awhile now, he's an old man, he's lived a long and happy life, but that doesn't make saying good-bye any easier. Such an emotional decision, I don't want to lose him but I also don't want him to be in pain. My choice will always be what is best for him. I'm just not ready to be without him.

Just a reminder I have a weekly challenge (Tuesday's With Tula) going on over at DFF so please come on over and join in. The participation challenge is the alpha pictured below.

Just to show you I'm still scrappin' a page or two, here's one I finished (finally) last night using Jingles by Vinnie Pearce. I adore her kits, they are truly works of art. If you haven't checked out Pixel Canvas yet, you really should do so. It's a great forum filled with friendly people and fun challenges.

I got a bit of wrapping and laundry (Bleeck!) to finish up so if I don't see you tomorrow, have a very Happy Christmas and please be safe.

Love you tons,
Tigger's mommy

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  1. Hi
    This is always a terrible decision. But as you say, do not wait until our little loves suffer.
    The loss is so hard.
    Hugs from France