Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yes, It's Me

Good evening/morning. Damn, I didn't realize it was already 3-ish am here. Wow, time sure flies when one is pulling her hair out by the roots attempting to put together this crazy Zen Cart crap. Back in the day, I could throw together a website pretty darn quick using html but this php stuff is much more difficult for me. That's what happens when one gets old I suppose. Bleeck.

Anyway, the real reason I popped on was not to whine and bitch about my shop but to post some photos cause I'm in the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race. How super awesome is that? I'm really excited! We received our first assignment, being as we are two person team, we are to create an introduction page on our partners. My lovely and talented scrapping other half is Jess (nof007750) who I met over at Digital Freebies. Her layouts are amazing and I'm sure she'll carry me through the entire competition. She needs a photo of me so here's a few..
I love trees

Doing the 'we won' dance

Snorkling in Hawaii

Wrestling with one of my players

At Disneyland a few hundred years ago

Yes, I once was that young

and I once was that thin

After a win

This is one of my favorite photos

I was a Brownie

Looks like I went a bit picture posting crazy. Oh well..

Catch ya'll manana.
( =


  1. Thanks lady! You gave me so many options! Hopefully tonight I get to scrap--its been a crazy week around here!

  2. Love the pics, especially the high school ones! I can't wait to see the layouts for both of you.