Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Happy Nov 1st!

Before I prattle on about my day allow me to first remind you to back up all your files. I’ve made it a habit to do mine the first of every month and then run a full computer virus scan. Never hurts to be vigilant with the items we don’t want to lose.

I hope ya’ll had an enjoyable Halloween and a pleasurable Sunday. The weather here was wonderful, sunny and warm, a comfortable 70-ish, not too hot, just right. Every looks so beautiful to me with a bit of sun shining on it.

We went to breakfast and then hit the supermarket. How often do you go to the grocery store a week? I go once a week. When I load my cart on Sunday, I don’t plan on returning until the next Sunday hence my cart is full. I’m not talking things over-the-top-slipping-off-as-I-walk full, just normal full. I’ve lost count of how many times someone has remarked about how much I’m about to purchase. I don’t know why they would even care in the first place. We don’t eat out very much thus, more often than not, I fix 21 meals a week. Am I the weird one? Duh, like I don’t know the answer to that one, but I meant in this case. Do most people pick up groceries throughout the week? Don’t you think it’s odd, even border line rude, for someone to comment on the amount of food I purchase? I seem to attract the strangest characters.

After I put ALL THAT FOOD AWAY (took me hours), we went to see Where the Wild Things Are. It was cute. Without a child in tow (I went with the husband), it was lacking a bit to me. I liked it enough just missed the magic of a little giggle or a soft sigh. The movie was the husband’s idea, some never grow up. I would have chose something else, I’d much rather watch Gerard Butler for a couple hours.

Since it was still so nice outside, I took the dog to the park. While she romped here and there, (being this was her first real outing since her surgery, she definitely was thrilled to be out), I took the opportunity to snap a few photos. I love my camera so very, very much. Pooder was much of a subject for me seeing as she wouldn’t be still at all so I aimed at a few trees (I love trees), a couple of ducks and an out of place heron.

It was a fabulous day and I am exhausted. After finishing up a few tasks, I’m going to drag my tired butt to bed.

Don’t forget to check tomorrow’s Monday Mask.

Sleep sweet
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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I don't know about other people, but we only go once a week (we used to go every two weeks) and unless it's something urgent, we don't go back again until the next week.

    When you were talking about how you have a full cart it reminded me of when I was little. My mom used to shop for a whole month in one shopping trip. Sometimes we used to have 2 shopping carts full of stuff. So yes, I know the looks and comments you are talking about. :-)